1 Pocket › Passerelle du Flon › Tilt


The Pocket pays tribute to the old flashlights, an object with an outdated charm that many have known. Designed in a giant version, this flashlight plays with proportions, surprises visitors and upsets scale relationships. Its touch of modernity is revealed when it lights up, revealing not only the classic warm white but also a variation of joyful colours.


Lighting designers, handymen and imaginative, TILT artists design and produce large-scale lighting fixtures, between sculptures and urban furniture, inspired by nature or everyday objects.


TILT develops remarkable lighting installations and works on projects of all kinds: from public spaces to the private sphere, for ephemeral events or permanent installations.


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2 Méduses › Arches Grand Pont › Parade Design


These graceful suspensions seem to move in the air revealing a light, fluid and poetic spirit under the protective arches of the Grand Pont. A magical universe materializes at sunset, as they reveal their presence to the people of Lausanne.


Since November 1999, the Paradedesign agency has been designing luminous installations and scenographies for artistic and cultural events in France and abroad. Its activity, built around an experimental work, combines fabrics and wind tunnel in the creation of luminous forms. His creations, which very often combine design and heritage, dialogue with the chosen environment and thus propose a new interpretation of the places.


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3 HYPERCUBE › Façade Portes de Saint-François › François Moncarey


Sacred geometry is defined as a set of proportions such that they can be observed in nature and directly transcribed in artistic creations. For centuries, human beings have sought to understand the laws of organization of nature and are inspired by them in order to add coherence and harmony to their creations.


This geometry is used here to lay the foundations for a monumental work of light. These laws, directly inspired by the careful observation of nature, are the fertile ground for this artistic research. Indeed, the pagan subliminal evocations highlighted here invite the spectators to serenity and well-being through contemplation.


A multidisciplinary artist by nature, François Moncarey has made the articulation between the arts and sciences a prospective aesthetic line. His fascination with physical phenomena led him to work on a series of luminous installations that invited the public to an active exploration of his devices with both tangible and virtual dimensions.


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4 DOUBLE JEU › Eglise Saint-François › Caroline Favre & Damien Guerra


Grafted onto the ceiling of the arcades of the medieval church of Saint-François, the installation plays on this heritage by evoking a type of roof dating back to the industrial revolution: the shed. Thanks to its two-sided design, the work offers a double play of light, depending on the visitors' direction of travel.


Beyond the formal contrast, the installation also creates links with the building. It accentuates the perspective of the arcade through the repetition and alternation of elements of mirrors and colours.


First installed at the 2017 edition of the Lausanne Lumière Festival, this work then became permanent at the request of the City of Lausanne. For the past two years, it has illuminated the arcades of the church of Saint-François and is thus an integral part of the urban landscape of Lausanne.


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5 AMOUR EN CAGE › Ruelle Saint-François › Christophe Martine


Delicately suspended, Les Amours en Cages, luminous lanterns with delicate curves, illuminate the spectators' path. With their openwork canvases, they play with light, stars suspended from the celestial vault. An invitation to dream, the spectators immerse themselves in this universe with poetry.


Passionate about wind objects, paraglider pilot Christophe Martine founded Porté par le Vent in 2002, a company with which he offers workshops, exhibitions and shows around the wind.


In 2011 with Les Luminéoles, he signed his first scenography for the Lyon Festival of Lights. Since then, he has built a unique universe populated by kites inspired by fauna and flora, themes that are particularly close to his heart and that he likes to replace in an urban environment.


Using wind and light as raw materials, his poetic shows presented at international festivals from Shanghai to Quito always encourage contemplation.


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6 OFFLINES › Benjamin Constant › Pierre Ranzini


320 luminous lines emancipate themselves from the volume and challenge the space, offering a surprising ballet of geometric connections. Beams split the air, crumble and then recompose themselves by drawing shapes out of time.

The installation is free from spatial and temporal conventions and allows the fluidity of a bright light to be captured without beginning or end. Familiar with urban environments, the installation adapts for the first time to a facade as part of the Lausanne Lumières Festival.

Mad Rhizome is a creative solutions agency dedicated to the creation, production and distribution of projects combining art and technology. Managed since 2013 by Pierre Ranzini, the structure operates on a collaborative model and creates temporary, interactive and transdisciplinary installations, mobile structures and architectures.


Pierre Ranzini is a visual artist, light designer and scenographer. Her artistic research is organized around the various possibilities of forming reality. He questions the public through experimentation and the staging of time and space through monumental installations.


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7 ECHINODORMUS ›  Pont Bessières › TILT


This shaggy plant inspired by echinocactus unfolds its sparkling foliage like a fireworks display suspended in its flight. This giant luminaire evokes a disarticulated dreamlike tree whose luminous fruits wave in the wind, describing a moving scenography.


Lighting designers, handymen and imaginative, TILT artists design and produce large-scale lighting fixtures, between sculptures and urban furniture, inspired by nature or everyday objects.


TILT develops remarkable lighting installations and works on projects of all kinds: from public spaces to the private sphere, for ephemeral events or permanent installations.


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8 Montfalcolor › Cathédrale de Lausanne › Patrice Warrener


The illumination of the splendid Montflacon Gothic portal of Lausanne Cathedral is a first in Switzerland and presents a quality of realization that Patrice Warrener has spent more than 20 years perfecting.


The polychromatic architectural lighting process (called "Chromolithe") was created by Patrice Warrener in the late 1980s. His first work was presented on the facade of the Opéra Garnier in Paris in 1989 for the Grand Gala des Arts et Métiers. This led to about a hundred similar projects throughout France, in particular at the Lyon Festival of Lights, where he worked on the city's main buildings for more than twenty years.


Patrice Warrener has also created projects in Europe and abroad for various lighting festivals (Singapore, Melbourne, Orlando, Kobe). His last notorious illuminations took place in London on Westminster Abbey and in Quito on the Basilica and the church "La Campagna" for the Fiesta de la Luz.



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9 Quartz › Fontaine de la Ripone › Nicolas Paolozzi


QUARTZ is a monumental stone that a complex luminous device makes appear and disappear in the depths of the night. Its exceptional size pushes walkers to get as close as possible to it. Once at its feet, the latter feel tiny, trapped by the unusual and shamanic charm of this mineral object.


An architect by training, Nicolas Paolozzi co-founded the RDV Collective in 2011. Bringing together skills from different backgrounds, this first project has evolved into a transversal practice of architecture. In a phase of perpetual experimentation, the collective has explored the possibilities offered by image and sound through numerous projects: scenography, exhibitions, performances and ephemeral micro-architectures.


In 2017, Nicolas created MODULE and went further by developing the notion of large-scale architecture on his works. Considering space as a set of interactions, he conceives hybrid structures oscillating between tangible and intangible materials. Living creatures, his installations evolve over time and offer spectators an immersive and unique experience of reality.



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10 Comètes › Place de la Louve › L’Atelier Schlaepfer – CAP & SiL


Comètes is an original work that transforms the Place de la Louve into an ephemeral playground for young and old. When they start to move, the six swings project lines of light like comets in the starry sky. This year, the luminous sequences are even more dynamic to take visitors into a magical whirlwind.


Comètes is a project to highlight the Place de la Louve square proposed by the public lighting division of the Lausanne Industrial Services and the Atelier Schlaepfer, a Lausanne-based lighting artist.


Very popular with children, swings will survive the magic of the holidays by staying at La Louve until spring, without any light installation.



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